OASIS for Children

Then Jesus called for the children and said to the disciples, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children…” Luke 18:16-17 (NLT)

The kids turn Saturday evenings into a beehive of activity at Central Teaching. We offer child care and children’s classes, but it’s really much more. Just ask the kids. They hate to miss a week!

The teachers are enthusiastic about the Bible lesson, which also includes crafts, games, or contests for the smaller ones. It’s never a boring lecture.

And then begins the real fun! The leaders get the kids playing, engaging, talking and these kids are often impacted for a lifetime with a positive experience learning about Jesus. Two major ministries led by qualified leaders and teachers serve these kids.


At OASIS we not only value children, but we recognize the importance of providing a safe setting where they can experience and learn more about Jesus Christ. Our model is to be “Secure, Accessible, Fun and Educational” (S.A.F.E.)!

OASIS accommodates children from infants through fifth grade. At each level, volunteer directors make a long-term commitment to see that the children receive care and useful teachings during all Central Teachings. Our goal is to assist parents in laying a spiritual foundation for their children.

The teaching curriculum is designed to be age-appropriate, emphasizing God’s grace and love for all humankind.

All the OASIS leaders and teachers are screened and must be well-known in the church. These volunteer servants are committed to building meaningful relationships with the children in their classrooms. For more information about OASIS, please use our contact form to contact Lisa Beech, the OASIS Director.


The “JHQ” (or “Jesus’ Headquarters”) is a great group for kids in fourth through sixth grade. Read about it on the JHQ Meeting page. Kids in the JHQ also meet on Saturday evening during the adult Central Teaching.

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