Leadership Teams

The Deacon Ministry Team

A Ministry Team for Deacons and Workers

The Xenos Deacon Ministry Team (DMT) is a group of people who have volunteered to shoulder the burden of serving Christ through accomplishing our mission. Each member has devoted years of training both in the classroom and in the field. Each team works within their own ministry sphere and manifests the Christian character described in the Bible’s deaconship requirements (1 Timothy 3:8-13).

Mature workers join some of the DMT functions such as retreats or planning sessions. These workers might not be in a position of authority, but they are actively helping the church and pursuing deaconship.

In any godly church the leaders and workers are Christian role models. In 1 Timothy 3, Paul says that serving as a deacon is a privilege reserved for those demonstrating reliability in the field of service. We do not press such character and ministry requirements on all Christians, but leaders must demonstrate their suitability to that role.

Joining the Deacon Ministry Team requires:

  • Leading a vital Christian spiritual life by maintaining personal times of prayer and Bible study.
  • Attending and contributing to the Central Teaching and involved in the spiritual life of the church.
  • Joining the Fiscal Support Team, which includes regular financial support of the ministry and mission work.
  • Occupying a leadership role in a Xenos ministry sphere, such as a cell group, teaching, or support ministries.
  • Undertaking yearly self-equipping projects such as a class or one of the other Equipping Ministry options.
  • Practicing mature management of interpersonal conflict and handling disagreements in the church peacefully.
  • Living up to the character qualifications for deacons as given in I Timothy 3. For workers there must be a clear understanding of these character qualifications and active pursuit underway.
  • Regularly attending and participating in DMT functions.
  • Completing Basic Doctrine and Leadership Theology Class or equivalents (or finishing LTC at the next possible opportunity).
  • Must be unanimously nominated by deacons on that DMT and endorsed by the elders.
  • For youth workers and leaders, a background check may be required.

The DMT is an amazing group of dedicated Christian leaders and workers voluntarily giving their lives as Christ’s disciples. Qualifying for the team takes years of work and growth, yet it can become the most rewarding experience in the Christian life:

“Whoever seeks to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it. Luke 17:33

Deacons and Workers are are invited into the DMT different ways:

  • Deacons are ordained ministers at Xenos. After participating in a DMT for a reasonable period and demonstrating stability and perseverance (1 Timothy 3:10), they are unanamously approved by fellow-DMT members for deaconship and approved by the elders. Finally, they must receive the public support of the Body of Christ at large. This entails a reasonable period of time must be allowed so people can provide feedback to any elder or deacon involved. Deacons are recognized at a public fellowship meeting by the elders and their fellow-deacons who pray and “lay on hands” (see 1 Timothy 5:22), thus conferring the authority of church leadership.
  • Workers who qualify to attend DMT functions are nominated by the DMT and approved by the elders in advance. Workers on the DMT are not ordained ministers, but they are expressly headed that direction.


  1. All the Deacon Ministry Teams meet annually for ministry review at a planning retreat. This retreat is designed for spiritual edification, and includes the opportunity to study the Bible in-depth and to support one another’s ministries through prayer and brainstorming. It is always an exciting and fulfilling fellowship of leaders.
  2. Goals and plans for the various ministries in our church are reviewed by the DMT at their retreat and periodically throughout the year. Deacons finalize plans for their own ministries and give a presentation to the rest of the fellowship at our annual Fiscal Support Team retreat.
  3. Each DMT meets on regular basis to discuss the ministry of their church.