Home Groups

The Most Exciting Xenos Ministry!

Take away the hassle of church buildings, parking lots and budgets, and what remains? The simple joy of Christian fellowship!

Christian groups come alive with a “sense of awe” and excitement about God, from the earliest times (see Acts 2:42). Whenever Christians share the reality of spiritual life together, they so enjoy Bible teachings, discussions and prayer, they begin hopping “from house to house,” as it says, and it’s a sweet time. It’s not a phenomenon limited to Xenos. We’ve seen it for decades in many Christian groups, and history is filled with a multitude of such house church movements.

Christianity was the first (and still the only) movement in history set free from temples, “sacred space” and other religious containments. The Bible clearly says such “sacred space” actually suppresses the joy Jesus brought (see Hebrews 10).

We’ve found several advantages to meeting in a home. It’s comfortable and friendly, so people raise issues and add to the teaching. Questions and evidence for beliefs or biblical assertions can be examined in a friendly manner. But the greatest advantage is the way closer relationships can form in the Body of Christ and with newcomers. The Christian faith is designed for personal relationships, where God’s love becomes evident as people care and take interest in others.

We “don’t go to church” because “we are the church”, the Bible says, so Home Churches are an essential part of spiritual life at Xenos. When average Christians get an opportunity to use their gifts in significant ways, learning about Jesus becomes incredibly exciting. Besides, Home Church meetings are a blast, and this is why they grow and split and grow…

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