Bible Classes

Equipped to Serve Others

One surprise people discover in the Bible is the way it’s written for all Christians to digest and arrive at conclusions, not just leaders. Unless we are “equipping the saints for the work of service” (Ephesians 4:12), we aren’t doing the job the Bible expects from us. We’re committed to equipping Christians so they can be “ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence.” (1 Peter 3:15) It’s amazing how many people who “have tasted the good word of God” want to learn more and more. (Hebrews 6:5)

We offer a number of classes each year like the ones described below.

Basic Doctrine

This class is a survey of basic Bible subjects, or doctrines. It’s a great way to get a foundational grasp of the Bible and what Jesus is all about.

Leadership Theology Class (LTC)

More substantial Bible courses for leaders and advanced workers are a series of courses which cover the range of subjects called a “systematic theology.” Graduates of Basic Doctrine class engaged in Christian ministry or teaching need these classes to deepen their Bible knowledge and keep fresh and challenged. These courses include not only theology but practical application to everyday life. The LTC series play a strategic role in our efforts to practice the discipleship Jesus described in Matthew 28.


Hermeneutics is a highly interactive student-teacher class on the methods of biblical interpretation. The 10-week class explain various schools of interpretation and tools for acquiring the discipline of sound interpretation. This includes the popular Inductive Bible study, historical narrative, wisdom literature, prophets, gospels, and epistles. Particular emphasis is given to using correct interpretation for teaching purposes, so the class is designed for those teaching and leading ministries.


This five-week workshop teaches how to compose outlines and develop dynamic, authoritative teaching skills. Students also present at least two videotaped teachings and receive feedback from the instructor and other class participants.

Love Ethics

The biblical paradigm of spiritual growth is reflected in a community of love. The Love Ethics class studies the biblical ethics which build Christian love in all its spheres of influence: the home, discipleship, and reaching the world for Christ. Christian love is a practical and well-defined path chosen by God for our spiritual growth, and this class will help identify many of these practical implications and their solid biblical foundation.

Old Testament Survey

This course traces the unfolding of God’s plan through the Old testament, paying special attention to the history of ancient Israel. The course provides practical insights to increase understanding of the Old Testament. In addition, it cultivates an appreciation for the significance of this important part of Scripture. This course is open to all. It is especially helpful for Christians who are largely unfamiliar with the Old Testament, its extraordinary message, and its history.

New Testament Survey

New Testament survey explores the ministry and teaching of Jesus and the expansion of the early church. We study the cultural and historical setting of the New Testament and survey the major themes of the epistles. This course offers practical insights to facilitate a solid understanding of the New Testament. The material provides an important foundation for more advanced courses that study New Testament epistles.

Other Classes

Other classes in topics such as personal finance and parenting are periodically offered as well. Visit our Equipping Ministry repository for a growing collection of handouts and related class materials.