High School Groups

From Columbus, where we first learned how it works…

A Different Hookup

It’s Word!

Spread around high schools, word is Word, and it’s not “Sunday School.” It’s a Bible study, not study hall.

Students are excited about Jesus Christ and spiritual life, and it’s a blast, too!

Word is a home church, and it flows at Central Teaching, too — but wherever, there’s action.

Word is videos and skits, Bible raps by students, then questions, debates, the freedom to disagree — and games, of course, or parties, Cedar Point, coffee shops, Dairy Queen, camping or tons of other crazy activities.

Word also means friends! Jesus was all about that.

Some students go to smaller “Cell Group” meetings, which aren’t coed, which is OK because that makes it possible to build uncomplicated relationships by sharing and learning together.

Word knows how to have fun

The leaders are mostly college-age, but a few older adults try to keep pace and provide some stability. Word teaches students about leadership, delivering, growing — often the leaders and teachers are high school students, which proves God’s Word changes lives.

Word teenagers resist the cliques and live in the secular world with the Bible’s message of hope. Their parties and Bible studies are always open to outsiders.

From freshman to seniors, teenagers take initiative, build relationships, resolve issues at home and with peers, and build a future.

Jesus once gave the word on how it works:

He sat down, called the twelve disciples over to him, and said, “Whoever wants to be first must take last place and be the servant of everyone else.”
Mark 9:35

For more information on Word, come to our Central Teaching or contact us.

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