Times and Places

Locating one of our meetings

Our Bible studies center around KSU! Other locations include: Cuyahoga Falls, Stow and Hudson. We meet in various age groups, times, and sizes. You’ll probably find some group or time that suits your style! Click here for more information on Home Groups.

We meet where the rest of life happens: In parks, on Kent State University Campus, in living rooms and on beaches. We are the “church without walls” with no interest in following the mega-church model of building a massive campus and creating our own little Christian subculture.

We believe the church planting strategy modeled in the book of Acts is the way to go, and this is made so much easier without the anchor and financial burden of church buildings. In fact, Christianity saw its largest growth in the first century without ever investing in buildings!

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Central Teaching

Our fellowship meets at Bowman hall every Saturday at 6:00 PM during the school year. Feel free to come check out the teaching!

During the summer we meet at various parks in the area (weather depending). Follow us on twitter to stay updated on where Central Teaching will be held next!

We have more groups and activities for younger kids at our OASIS children’s program at Central Teaching, including infant care facilities there.

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