Late Elementary

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The group at “Jesus Headquarters” (JHQ) is a blast for kids fourth through sixth grades. They get together on a separate night from the adult meeting to study the Bible, hang out, and meet new friends. This group provides a place for young people to get ready for middle school by developing a healthy view of themselves, the world, and their peer group.

At each meeting we strive to teach the Bible in a way that kids can really digest at this age. Student leaders from Chill or Word help out and become powerful role models of the healthy, victorious lifestyle that Jesus taught about. Each week is filled with fun activities, such as skits, games, competitions, and more: amusement Parks, scavenger hunts, laser tag, roller skating….the list is quite exhausting for our volunteers, but rewarding.

More important, these activities offer valuable opportunities to build a peer group while interacting with leaders who provide the support and friendship so important to these pre-adolescent children. For more information about JHQ, please contact Heidi Muller.