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We like to think of it as an “underground church-planting movement”, because it’s not about institutions — it’s about people. Our group is led by college-age for college-age. We know the Bible is at a crossroads with an educated and thinking culture. So we check it out. We talk. We want evidence for faith, not old superstitions. Let’s stick with what matters, not traditions. When you read about the Jesus in the Bible, he’s profoundly counter-cultural. Jesus builds life, not institutions. He defied the religious assumptions. That’s why they killed him. 

Identity Project is by far the most exciting part of NeoXenos. As of 2017, IP is made up of four home groups, totaling almost 200 college-aged students making us the largest Bible Study of Kent State! 

The teachings are straight from the Bible and taught by the students. We encourage the audience after each teaching to share convictions, or ask questions. We are the “church” for people who don’t like “church”. If your interested to check out our meetings, please contact one of the leaders below.


Keith McCallum

Elder/Lead Paster

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Greg Morscher


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Joel Hughes


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Kyle McCallum

Associate Pastor

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