Junior High

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As the name implies, this group is dedicated to fun, comfort and a “non-religious” atmosphere. The goal is to get away from religion and learn about the personal impact Jesus makes on lives. Chill meets every week during the adult Central Teaching, and in other smaller groups for guys and gals. They have video presentations, Bible teachings, skits, games, “Fear Factor”, overnight retreats, swimming parties, camp outs, Cedar Point, No-Talent Shows, scavenger hunts, Capture the Flag…it’s exhausting.

Many in Chill also enjoy going to “Cell Groups” (small bible studies), which are more-interactive meetings, smaller and led by adults. Since Cell Groups aren’t coed, they lend themselves to the development of deeper, uncomplicated relationships where kids can open up and learn from each other and the group leaders. Always guiding these groups is the study of the Bible and quality personal relationships, which begins with Jesus.

The effect on kids this age is remarkable. Many students develop leadership and teaching skills, becoming role models for younger kids. Mostly they learn how to initiate relationships, build bridges with their families, learn what it means to take responsibility for not only their own lives, but also to care for the needs of others. To see this happening among Junior High kids is a real-world fulfillment of the teachings of Jesus, and why so many people at Xenos love ministry.

For more information about Chill, please contact Heidi Muller