Central Teaching

Our Largest Meeting

People start arriving Saturday night for CT around 5:30 pm, hang out, eat pizza, drink coffee, and start gabbing!  (Sometimes it’s an effort to get people seated!) But the Bible study usually begins at 6:00 pm. At CT we get away from the formalities and traditions which aren’t so relevant to modern minds, because these often interfere with the real, timeless message of Jesus Christ.

Studying the Bible is fun without the formalities.

The Bible Study Part

Visitors often remark how surprised they are to discover the relevance and usefulness of the Bible. At CT relevant issues like personal growth and relationships in marriage, or with family and friends come alive in the Bible.

The teachings attract an audience from diverse backgrounds and ages, because the Bible addresses the deep needs of the human soul, which we all share in common.

The Bible study lasts for about 45 or 50 minutes, then an open-floor discussion begins because studying the Bible usually raises very interesting issues for people. It’s a great opportunity to simply observe and see how easy it is to share and talk in this group.

Then people share their burdens or thoughts in prayer to God. Anyone can pray. It turns the meeting into a real Koinonia (the biblical word for “fellowship”).

Then Friday night kicks in!  People are in a great mood, and often find CT is a great place to hookup, make plans, then go “paint the town red!”

“Paint the town red” — that’s what Christian fellowship should look like!

What About My Kids?

OASIS offers childcare and classes for all ages during CT, while other student groups carry on their own meetings.

Why“Central Teaching?”

People from our home groups love to see more Christians, and it’s enjoyable.

It’s also the best place to bring friends or family to investigate the Bible. The teachings provide greater, more in-depth study of the Bible. Home groups grow and split, but this meeting maintains a continuity of fellowship for everyone.

Who Teaches?

Visit our CT podcast site to listen to Keith McCallum and guest speakers.

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