That book is anything but dead! We’ve seen the Bible reach needs in all age groups, and it’s more relevant today than ever in our fast-paced world where people are wrestling with how relationships work, or can’t satisfy the built-in need for significance God gave us.

We love sharp minds and tough questions! That’s how people discover the Bible is a reliable, historical book which actually dispels superstitions and myths. (Newsflash! The earth is not 6,000 years old, according to the Bible!) It’s nice to know the Bible not only makes sense, but lots of sense.

Shout it out: “Attention, please! You can keep your intelligence and dig the Bible!” (Maybe not that way.) But it does surprise people how practical it is, how uptight Jesus isn’t, and how it satisfies our innate drive for significance.

We’re always planting new ministry groups that touch the lives of more people with the freedom and love of Jesus, and we love it. Visit our main meeting and see why.

Leadership Teams of volunteers lead these groups simply because they enjoy Bible studies and have a burden for people. Read about what motivates these people and the variety of ways Xenos ministers to the universities, families and kids in northeast Ohio.

Central Teaching

It’s our largest Bible study and it’s definitely not like “church.” First, it meets early Friday evening for about an hour, not Sunday morning. (What a way to kickoff Friday night!) Keith McCallum and other guest speakers dish-up an informative and interesting Bible study for a broad range of people. Visit Keith’s Blog or listen to the teaching podcasts. It’s more like a (busy) “coffee shop” where people get comfortable, listen to the teaching and get involved in the open-floor discussion afterwards.

Family-Oriented Ministries

Jesus loved kids and families, and so do we. Central Teaching provides childcare and cool activities for children and junior high. The kids love it and complain if they miss a week! There’s also JHQ (a.k.a. “Jesus Headquarters”) where late-elementary kids have a blast. Other family-oriented ministries include parenting classes, marriage-building seminars, and counseling for engaged or married couples and families.

Home Churches

Home Churches for college-age, post-college and “Baby-boomers” meet other times during the week. The Bible studies are well-prepared and challenging, and the fellowship is engaging — it’s fun to get to know people! These volunteer teachers and leaders receive advanced training at local Xenos Bible Classes and in Columbus, at nearby seminaries and extension campuses, and extensive personal study. The Bible was written to be accessible to all Christians and not just a select few (see 1 Pet 2:9), which explains our rather large number of competent leaders and teachers.

Student Ministries

Student groups for late elementary, Junior and Senior High meet each week for crazy-fun activities. More than fun, however, these kids get matured as they develop spiritually by learning more about Jesus and the Bible. Older students are often helping in younger student groups, and they’re good at it! They all want to bring their friends, and that too is a highly-valued aspect of Xenos student ministries.

Other Services and Ministries

Read about our ministries to learn more about the broad range of needs we try to meet through our ministry.