All About Xenos

Acts 2:42

"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teachings and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." 

Our Mission

Like other Christian Evangelical churches, we celebrate the Bible’s message of freedom and the hope this brings to all humanity through Jesus Christ. We also ignore the confusing rituals and traditions of religion wherever the Bible gives this freedom. Jesus taught about spiritual life and relationships, not religion.

This is why our ministries provide a warm and non-threatening environment where people can seek a personal relationship with God, ask questions, and find out what the Bible actually says. Read about our core values to see what’s so exciting about Jesus Christ. He was remarkably irreligious, and he was all about personal relationships. Jesus brings a newness to spiritual life, and that’s when things get really interesting!

The Bible records the amazing history of God’s kind intentions for us. He created us with design and purpose. The Bible reveals how to build significant lives that impact our families, friends, and the people we meet, and God leads people into maturity and the opportunity to impact the world around us in truly significant ways.


A brief history

Xenos began as a home church movement in Columbus, Ohio where it swelled into a fellowship of about 5,500 adult members in more than 70 home churches! For years people in Cleveland were asking for help with starting something similar here. In 1994 an independent Xenos-style church was finally established in Cleveland, and in 2001 the first Northeast Ohio Xenos church was planted at Kent State University. Since then we have planted more home churches with a thriving Central Teaching where everyone comes together in a larger meeting. We maintain a friendly and close relationship with other Xenos churches across Ohio, as well as The Chapel’s consortium of churches in Northeast Ohio.


What does the word "Xenos" mean?

Xenos (pronounced zee-noss) is a Greek word meaning a traveler or someone living outside their native land. We love the biblical use of Xenos, as in Philo-Xenos which means “friendliness toward strangers”, because we love to invite people into our homes and lives to share about the beautiful gift of God’s grace. The Bible says that all Christians are “Xenos” because Christians know that their lives are a temporary stewardship, not the final end of life, so Christians are strongly motivated to share God’s love to all people.

What Does Neo-Xenos Mean?

If you lived anywhere near Cleveland you would already know that everything around here begins with “NEO”, as in “North-Eastern Ohio”. That’s because Cleveland is not just Cleveland. It’s really a composite of three major metropolitan areas: Cleveland, Akron and Canton (sometimes Youngstown is included). Northeast Ohio is a huge “Metropolitan Statistical Area” (MSA) according to the Census Bureau, and we’re all over that MSA!