Xenos Administration is undoubtedly the most boring aspect of our ministry, but extremely vital nonetheless.


Katrina Yoerger is our part-time administrative assistant who manages the money flows and other meeting logistics. She reports to the Board of Trustess.

Keith McCallum is a fulltime teacher for Central Teachings and weekly Bible classees. He also manages NeoXenos Bible study and research resources made available online, including our online communities.

Other part-time positions change according to ministry needs, such as janitorial services and youth ministry leadership.

Organization and Constitution

Xenos is chartered as a non-profit organization under the laws of the state of Ohio. Our constitution is available for download (or read the online version), and we practice open accounting. Contact us to obtain our financial report.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for general oversight of the ministry, including the distribution of funds and appointment of deacons. Their decisions require a majority vote. Currently our four trustees are Joel Hughes, Keith McCallum, Mark Michalek, and Greg Morsher. See our consitution for more details about their responsibiliites.

Deacons lead specific Xenos ministries and belong to the Deacon Ministry Team. They are ordained ministers who can obtain a state license to solemnize marriages.

Strategic Planning

Each year we finalize our budgets and ministry plans through a series of planning and brainstorming retreats.

The DMT Retreat brings all the Deacon Ministry Teams together in the fall, which begins planning for the upcoming year. At this retreat we review each other’s ministries and consider what changes and finances these ministries require.

The Sphere Leader’s Retreat meets at the beginning of the year and reviews the results from the DMT retreat, the budget and finances, and assesses the effectiveness of our ministry efforts. A tentative budget and annual report are the products of this retreat.

The Fiscal Support Team (FST) meets in February to approve the budget and propose any changes necessary. The Board of Trustees can then finalize the budget. Any significant deviation from what the FST approved is publicized and may require an additional Body Meeting for additional feedback.

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