Keith McCallum

Keith is our full time senior pastor in NeoXenos. He teaches for our Central Teachings and weekly Bible classes. He also oversees NeoXenos Bible study as a whole, mainly building up student leaders in our college group Identity Project.

Kyle McCallum

Kyle is our full time junior pastor. He partakes in teaching Bible classes and he also teaches our Central Teaching. Kyle has his own website where he writes book reviews, current event reports, and personal blogs.

Katrina Yoerger

Katrina is our part-time administrative assistant who manages the money flows and other meeting logistics. She also organizes our fellowship retreats.


We also hire part-time/full-time interns to help manage the miscellaneous duties that keeps our fellowship running. These duties include website management, organizing resources, setting up meetings/classes, etc.

Trustees and Leaders

The Board of Trustees is responsible for general oversight of the ministry, including the distribution of funds and appointment of deacons. Their decisions require a majority vote. Currently our three trustees are Joel Hughes, Keith McCallum, and Greg Morscher. To read more information about our Trustees click here. Also, see our constitution for more details about their responsibilities.

Deacons lead specific Xenos ministries and belong to the Deacon Ministry Team. They are ordained ministers who can obtain a state license to solemnize marriages.


Xenos is chartered as a non-profit organization under the laws of the state of Ohio. We do practice open accounting, contact us to obtain our financial report.