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Remonstrance, Inc.

Remonstrance, Inc. is not a corporation. It would be a silly corporate name. Rather, it describes the bulk of my life’s work, beginning around 1979 or 1980, when I finally figured out nobody wins in The System, as the Bible calls it, or “The Monster”, as Steppenwolf once called it. Whatever the name, it’s a cold place where real people are cast away like industrial waste.

Captive Thougths

A war is being waged in today’s Western culture, a war of competing ideologies. As Christians, our greatest weapon is truth. This blog is my attempt to engage with the cultural ideologies of today and analyze them under the lens of scripture.

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Xenos Christian Fellowship is a non-traditional, interdenominational church with mainstream biblical doctrines. We sponsor neighborhood home groups for all ages led by volunteers.

Like other Christian Evangelical churches, we celebrate the Bible’s message of freedom and the hope this brings to all humanity through Jesus Christ. We also dump the confusing rituals and traditions wherever the Bible gives us this freedom. Jesus taught about spiritual life and relationships, not religion.

This is why our ministries provide a warm and non-threatening environment where people can seek a personal relationship with God, ask questions, and find out what the Bible actually says. Read about our core values to see what’s so exciting about this person named Jesus Christ. He was remarkably irreligious, and he was all about personal relationships. Jesus brings a newness to life, called spiritual life, and that’s when things get really interesting!

The Bible records the amazing history of God’s kind intentions for us. He created us with design and purpose. The Bible reveals how to build significant lives that impact our families, friends, and the people we meet, and God leads people into maturity and the opportunity to impact the world around us in truly significant ways. (Read about the Bible’s model of significance in our NeoZine).