No ‘Church’, Please!

Oops! We Left Out the ‘Religion’ Part!

Tired of religion?We feel your pain!

Tired of "Church"?

Sorry, we don’t do the “worship service” thing, but we do get together in lots of different Bible Studies.

We just enjoy Christian fellowship without the formality of church membership, so it’s open to anyone. People can check out the Bible and ask questions without all the uptight religious stuffing. Jesus never did the religion thing, so why should we?

And it’s a good time!

The way he talked about it, Christianity isn’t a religion and never should be. It’s more about people and living in the real world. It’s more about fellowship, not “church”.1

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Xenos’ Core Values


Christ: We believe that God calls the church to long-term, sustainable ministry to the disenfranchised, the poor, the young, the weak, the less-fortunate. Our service to the community flows from our desire to express God’s love to all people. We serve our community out of gratitude for what God has done for us through Christ. And we believe that individuals and families are most profoundly transformed through dependence on the love, grace, power and truth of Christ.

Family: We believe healthy families are the most important ingredient in a healthy community.

IntegrityWe believe that many of the social issues that plague our community are ultimately moral and spiritual issues. As people change from the inside out, they become whole, as do their families and community.

Service: We believe that individuals who participate in our ministries should not be merely passive recipients. Instead, our success should be measured by the extent to which those who participate in our ministries become empowered to serve others.

Gratitude: We believe that a sense of entitlement is destructive. On the other hand, healthy individuals exercise gratitude for everything they have been given.

Stewardship: We believe that opportunities, resources and talents are gifts that we are called to manage well. The principle of stewardship applies organizationally to the leadership NeoXenos. It also applies to those who participate and benefit from the work of NeoXenos ministires.

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  1. A technical (but useful) note: We don’t like the word “church” because it’s way too confusing. “Church” means something like a “church building” for most people, and that’s definitely not what Xenos is all about — and it’s not a term the Bible uses either. “Gathering” or “meeting” is the word used in the Bible, not “church”. See “ekklesia” in your Bible study tools. []